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Mosaic    Challenge Records

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Kendra Shank - voice
Frank Kimbrough - piano
Dean Johnson - bass
Tony Moreno - drums
Ben Monder - guitar
Billy Drewes - soprano & tenor saxophones, clarinet

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1. So Far Away
2. Life's Mosaic
3. Reflections in Blue / Blue Skies
4. Laughing at Life / Smile
5. The Shining Sea
6. Water From Your Spring / Beautiful Love
7. For Duke
8. All of You
9. Time Remembered
10. I'm Movin' On
11. I'll Meet You There

Mosaic is Kendra Shank's fifth CD, and the third with her stellar New York working band. Here, they feature compelling songs by a diverse group of composers, from Carole King to Irving Berlin, with originals by Kimbrough and Shank; all of the music unified by the unique approach this quartet takes in allowing the music to unfold with joy, curiosity and spontaneity, eschewing rigid arrangements in favor of group interplay and freedom of expression. It is Kendra's most personal album to date, reflecting her experiences and emotions in a sonic mosaic of colors and shapes.

"Mosaics... our experiences, relationships, choices, forming a lifetime... individuals joining in community -- each person part of a larger whole, both locally and globally... in improvised music, each musician contributing her/his unique personality of textures, colors, stories, emotions, to create a work of art greater than the sum of its parts -- a paradigm for a way of living, of embracing our diversity and coming together in unity." -Kendra Shank